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“Like no other system in the human body, the chakras are relevant for our health, our awakening, our ascension and our self-knowledge.” DJ

The chakras are the path probably anybody will walk, who approaches higher consciousness through energy work. And as such, they are a path of initiation, a path of challenges and tests, a journey during which we grow and become more conscious, but first of all a path of metaphores and symbolism.

“From my point of view energy work will be the inner work of the coming decade.” DJ

The course consists of alternating theoretical and practical parts that complement each other. With 10 video-guided meditative practices and detailed information about each chakra and their meaning for our personality and our human experience and consciousness.

The slightly simplified practices are based on the traditional practices of Kundalini and Kriya Yoga – including the practice of Chakra Shuddhi – and they are suited for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.


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Aim of the Course

conscious perception of the energy body and the chakras

development of the powers of concentration and imagination

purification, harmonization and energization of the chakras

opening of all chakras, especially the higher energy centers and grounding of the whole energy body

gaining a clearer and refined perception of oneself through study of ones unique chakra dynamics

balance of the nadis, ida and pingala; gaining a deeper understanding of duality/non-duality and the meaning of transcendence and consciousness


daily practice time: 15-30 Minuten


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