Lucid Meditations

“Anything in this world can be an object of meditation.”

In everyday life, in worldy consciousness, in the waking state most of us have no connection to the meditative state. Relaxation and regeneration happen only during sleep, during a time in which we are mostly unconscious. We have lost or never had the ability to go within, to let go of the phenomenal realm, of the play of duality, and be in a state of heightened awareness, where all is one and at the same time no-thing.

During this time of awakening and transformation Lucid Meditations on Youtube are intended to open a door to this inner meditative state for all, who wish to get to know and experience it within themselves. The guided exercises are based on traditional and modern relaxation and meditation practices that anyone can do – beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners.

I am so happy to share these meditations with you. May we all grow and evole through the knowledge we freely share with each other. With gratitude to those, who have tought me amazing things in person and on Youtube and with much love, DJ

fridays – monthly/bimonthly

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