DJ and the Spiritual Path

In 1997 a deep and transforming experience of pure being, oneness and universal love changed my consciousness and my life totally. This made fundamental questions I had had for a long time like: „Who am I? What is consciousness? How do I know that I know?“ so pressing and important that I decided to get to their bottom unreservedly. At this point in my life, I had read a lot about psychology, philosophy, Buddhism and meditation. I had also praticed meditation for a long time, but I had no idea how exciting, magical, meaningful, and also painful the journey into the deeper realms of consciousness would be and that I would soon start writing novels about my discoveries.

For me, the past twenty years were a gradual process of purification and realization (individuation), which is still continuing. This process is at the same time totally individual and universal. It is activated and sustained by three fundamental pillars:


Self.Observation (Awareness)



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