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Not only in the yoga scene, but also in everyday life, OM is an almost omnipresent symbol. But what does OM really mean?

When we begin to work with OM, we become an explorer. We start to discover fields of consciousness long hidden from our view and find concepts and experiences we have never had before. OM can reveal many things to us – about ourselves and the world we live in. OM sadhana, OM practice, will broaden our mind, it will deepen our understanding of ourselves, the individual, in the world, and in relation to divine consciousness.

OM Sadhana is a practical and theoretical 6-months e-course with 5 video-guided meditative practices, 3 contemplations and one deep relaxation exercise based on the ancient Indian scriptures Mandukya Upanishad and Mandukya Karika. The course includes a 48-page e-booklet for personal download. It inquires the meaning of the mystic syllable OM in detail and guides step by step into the four different states of consciousness represented by OM.


exclusive access to the e-course login pages at

optional: final test and certificate

suited for beginners and advanced practitioners

daily practice time: between 15 and 25 minutes


Aim of the Course

getting to know the different and some deeper realms of consciousness

gaining the ability to contemplate and relax deeply

developing awareness in different states of consciousness

practicing self-inquiry, atma vichara, for a longer period of time

learning to discriminate between dualistic perception and unity consciousness


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